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Abalam is an anti-HIV prescription medicine that contains two active ingredients namely, abacavir and lamivudine. This medicine belongs to a class called antiretroviral. Both of its active ingredients are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors. These are capable of blocking the action of nucleotide and nucleoside reverse transcriptase enzymes. These enzymes can reproduce the virus. This regime is prescribed for treating HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection. This medicine also helps in making your immune system stronger for fighting against HIV and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The abacavir lamivudine tablet price in india does not heal HIV but it assists in decreasing its amount. It can cause side effects. Buy this medicine from Magicine Pharma now!

oxaltero 100 mg

Oxaltero is a prescription medicine containing the active component Oxaliplatin. This is available in the form of an injection. The strength of this medicine is 100mg. It can treat those patients who are suffering from the cancer of colon and rectum. In this type of cancer signs like blood in the stool, a change in the bowel, weight loss, and fatigue can be seen. The oxaliplatin injection price in india works by stopping or slowing down the cancer cells from growing. It is capable of interfering in the multiplication of cancer cells. It is a very potent medication. It can cause side effects like nausea, fatigue, etc. Find this medicine on Magicine Pharma.


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