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Welcome to Southern Hound Hunting! We are excited to have your interest in our new magazine. Our magazine will be dedicated to the tradition and heritage of hunting with hounds. Whether your hounds chase big or small game we will have something for each of you. Our vision for the magazine includes four quarterly issues, all in full color. We will have something for everyone in each issue, from a veterinary column, a gear review, our Hound Hunting Kids section and game recipes. Lastly, of course, there will be plenty of pictures for our readers to show off their hounds and trophies taken during the hunting season. Come on and take a ride along with us on our new adventure and we hope you will be able to relive some of the great times you’ve had in the woods throughout our issues. Run hounds run!

Mark Booth

Mark Booth

Founder and CEO of Southern Hound Hunting

Living in South Georgia, Mark Booth grew up in a dog hunting family and continues that tradition with his wife, Dannyelle and their outdoor loving daughter, Remi.  Mark’s dad raised him in the woods and on the water and taught him at an early age about hunting and fishing. Instantly, a passion for the outdoors was born and is still carried on strong today. Hunting big and small game, Mark enjoys running his hounds in the flatwoods of South Georgia and enjoys every opportunity to take his family along with him.  Remi has followed in her dad’s footsteps and enjoys helping with the dogs and being a part of the hunt. This family truly embodies the meaning of faith, family, and hunting.

Mark Booth

Mark, Dannyelle, and Remi Booth

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